Headphone Cable Review

HROCC Silver and Copper

第一個讓人驚豔的是音質表現,它有單芯線那種音像特別凝聚,毛邊特別少的特質。無論歌聲還是樂器演奏,聽起來就像被清潔、打蠟過一樣,有股乾淨、滑順又沒有顆粒的感覺。讓人意外的是,HROCC Silver同時保有多芯線充滿細節的表現,而且不會產生刻意強調高頻的感覺。 音色稍微明亮一些,卻不會刺激,高頻就像被抓著,不會狂飆尖銳,顯然控制力增加很多。

PRIME AV新視聽第253期5月號


PC Triple C

透過Labkable PC Triple C播放古典音樂,因為線材本身的溫文氣質,也使得古典音樂聽起來更顯端莊。聽Paul Badura-Skoda親自彈奏並指揮布拉格室內管弦樂團的莫札特第21號鋼琴協奏曲(Transart, TR154),鋼琴音色略顯溫暖,聽起來「木頭味」較濃,但絕不是那種悶聲沈重的聲音。弦樂部分音色溫和而柔軟,整個弦樂聲部的和聲顯出一種高織度的質地,即使樂團在強奏時也不會給耳朵帶來壓力。低音弦樂的拉奏厚實而有密度,撥奏帶著一種較軟的彈性。聽到第三樂章活潑的行板,樂團和鋼琴的雙人舞充滿活力、步履輕快,不覺得絲毫遲滯 音響共和國    文‧戴天楷 


HD800 Silver Gold Wire and OCC Copper

다행인 것은 HDVD800 의 전면 6.3mm 헤드폰 출력이 두 조 마련되어 있다는 사실이다. 한 쪽엔 7N OCC를 또 한 쪽엔 Sivler Gold를 꼽아놓고 장르에 따라 종종 헤드폰 케이블을 바꾸어가며 청취하니 안성맞춤이다. 젠하이저 HD600, 650에서 시작해 레퍼런스급이 HD800 은 어느덧 이 분야를 대표하는 모니터가 되었다. 때문에 전 세계적으로 여러 다양한 제 3의 케이블 메이커 및 악세서리 제조 업체가 난립하고 있다. 그 중 케이블 분야에서 Labkable 은 상당히 뛰어난 완성도를 보여주고 있다. 0.1% 에 죽고 사는 하이엔드의 세계는 미묘한 차이가 거대한 성벽을 허물어뜨리기도 하듯 의외의 잠재적 변수가 놀라운 변화를 몰고 오기도 한다. 새로운 발견과 음질적 업그레이든 항상 즐겁다. “


Samurai III

Samurai focuses on the sub-bass region rather than the mid-bass presentation. It provides cleaner hits, which have larger diameter than the stock. The sub-bass presentation of Samurai III maintains better texture, dynamism, depth, and resolution, while the stock cable sounds messy.

Samurai increases the control over the mid-bass presentation. As for the tonality, Samurai offers slightly more neutral notes, but it significantly betters the stock in terms of the stage airiness. Accordingly, the bass department of Samurai III is more airy and cleaner than the stock.


By Headphone.Gulu


IEM Cable Review

Titan-Au & Titan -Ag


Titan線材並不便宜,製作材料與功夫完全不馬虎,內部導體是聲音的靈魂,採用6N純銀單結晶導體,一共十股線。每根純銀導體外再加上鍍層,所有線材均以2次-196度深層冷凍處理,2次處理相隔24小時,以確保能達到加強線材結構物理特性的效果。線材還會經過72小時的QBT-100的線材熟化,每根導體都以0Hz至100kHz 的頻寬作72小時不間斷的RUN IN,讓使用者使用相對較短的時間便可達至較佳的效果。

My HiEnd by Ted Chen



Michael Jackson的《Bad》专辑、王菲《将爱》专辑、周杰伦《jay》、疾风传OST123、老柴芭蕾舞剧《胡桃夹子》和《天鹅湖》全剧、莫扎特歌剧《唐璜》全剧、贝多芬第一三五六九交响曲,整体效果不错,相较我之前的组合来说基本上是全面的提升。比较明显的是低频音量上来了,三频的音量均衡了。低频音符的持续时间稍微变长了点,增添了很多气势,不过这就对音源的要求更高了,质量稍差的音源会有一点点不清晰,当我听质量好一点的音源时,会得到气势与清晰度兼得的声音。

听流行和acg更赞,成功的把王菲推成了妖艳**,而且流行歌中的一些很细微音量很小的人声和声也清晰的显现出来。 后来定制刻字的泰坦线来了换上去听了三四个小时吧,相较于原线的提升个人目前感觉就是声场定位更准确了,而且整体的清晰度都上升了一些,尤其是低频,保留气势的同时清晰度也提升了,很赞,那这套去听抓轨的疾风传OST1里面的那个疾风组曲简直6到不行,听的我又想刷一遍火影了!





“The Pandora sounds very detailed and transparent, but it isn’t fatiguing. Even if it has a little open tone, it improves every frequency range.

The Pandora has tighter hits and better-textured notes in both sub and mid bass regions. There is a significant increase in the resolution level.…..

In the treble region, the Pandora sounds a little more open and highly detailed compared to the stock cable, but it still recreates notes in a smooth, natural and non-fatiguing way. The stage is wider by a small margin, but the most impressive part of the stage is the depth of the presentation. It provides more three-dimensional instruments and better separation.”    by Ates Berberoglu



The Pandora has a reference signature, with a relatively uncolored midrange and slightly brighter than neutral upper frequencies that leans towards an open tone. Pandora is highly transparent and resolving, with a neutral presentation. While the Pandora doesn’t create a thick or warm sound, it refrains from sounding dry or harsh. The beauty of Pandora’s sound lies in the combination of its precision with its staging presentation: the wide and deep stage that creates a holographic representation of the music, not in the last place because of its high resolution. The highly resolved notes in a clean and vast stage results in a good layering ability and accordingly instrument separation, especially for iems with an inherently intimate stage.

theheadphonelist By Flinkenick


Samurai III

The Samurai has a relatively neutral signature; notes are neither thick nor thin, and its stage is clean and precise. Its tonality can be considered slightly brighter than neutral; the bass and midrange are relatively neutral, followed by a slight hump in the treble that adds a touch of brightness to the upper midrange and boosts clarity and overall note articulation. Due to its clean stage, the Samurai offers excellent separation, while also being highly resolving.”

theheadphonelist By Flinkenick



Samurai III

The Samurai is a four wire cable with a brownish coating, which gives them a rather low-profile look. I personally would have liked to also see a clear jacket around the wires, as I simply don’t find it aesthetically pleasing. People have different tastes though, so even if I’m not the biggest fan of it, you might still dig it, who knows, what really matters is sound afterall.

Ergonomically the Samurai III is just like the Silver Galaxy Mix II very flexible and light. Even the bigger aluminium/carbon Y-split doesn’t pull this cable down too much. The chin-slider again looks like it’s a left-over piece of a clear plastic tube. For a cable in this price segment, I think it would have been nice to have a more premium slider, it doesn’t have to go over the top, but something different would be better in my opinion, just to reflect the higher class this cable is in.


Headfonia by Linus.



The Amethyst consists of six wires of 99.9992% pure OCC Silver, the purity of the conductor has been certified by the SGS Group. Prior to being released labkable gave the Amethyst a pre run-in of 24 hours using their Quantum cable running treatment. They use an ultra pure and medical grade PVC jacket for each wire. According to them, this insulation is responsible for the best possible flexibility and comfort.

Labkable says it themselves, there is no perfect cable, and I fully agree. Rather than one cable to rule them all, it is a matter of mix and match. Finding your preferences and getting there with trial and error. All comparisons are done to the stock cable.

Headfonia by Linus



“There is a significant improvement over stock cable in terms of midrange resolution, imaging, separation and stage depth. Its overall tone and low frequency performance is not the best, but still natural and satisfying. I would definitely recommend Takumi to who needs to add some openness to tone and create more alive presentation. Nice and impressive aftermarket cable.”

HeadFi. Org by MikePortnoy



“The Takumi cable is based on the principal and balance, removing imperfections and using the highest grade materials.  Featuring a mix of gold-silver, silver-alloy and copper the company the cable is the subjected to a burnin process called HQT 100 which is said to greatly reduce the time to burn the cable from new (agwain subjective)”. by Scott Burnside



“Labkable se constituye como uno de los fabricantes de cables custom más interesantes del panorama actual.

El Takumi y el SuperNova MKIII son dos ejemplos de las propuestas que tienen para dos tipos de público, con un rendimiento excelente dentro de sus gamas. De hecho el Takumi es el cable de alta gama de mejor ratio precio/rendimiento que he podido probar. Realmente recomendables.”
old & new sound by Yago


Silver Shadow

黑白交替有一種陰陽調和的感覺, Punch感強, 聲音分隔度好, 解釋力高; 8芯版本音場會更寬闊, 聲音密度更高, 推薦給SHURE 535的用家使用。


Blue Horizon

“The combination of the blue and clear on the IEM's make it look like an ice cool setup and honestly look like they were made for one another.  In use now it has been my go to for when out and about sound is crystal clear just as it should be.  When considering a purchase I think that the Labkable Blue Horizon also hits the sweet spot for a custom earphone cable.” by Scott Burnside


Silver Galaxy MIX II

“Labkable Silver Galaxy Mix是銀銅混合線,使得音色剛柔並濟,之前聽女聲時,音色顯得有些老,如今 Callas 的聲音終於又回歸飽滿、有力又清亮了;而且音場上也頗有所拓寬,現在用它聽歌劇前奏,都不會覺得悶或窄了。而最令人驚喜的還是鋼琴的琴鍵敲擊聲,就是按下琴鍵時木頭輕微摩擦的細小聲音,在用了升級線之後不僅可以聽到,甚至有種現場感,仿佛可以用手感覺到!    By Lindwurm


Silver galaxy Mix II

The Silver Galaxy Mix II is an eight wire cable consisting of four copper and four silver plated copper conductors, it is part of labkable’s Pro Series cables. I was pretty surprised when I had it in hand the first time, because I have expected it to be thicker and less flexible. It still isn’t the most flexible cable around, but definitely does very well given its eight-wire nature.

Headfonia by Linus


Silver Galaxy MKII

“This cable seems to be meant to improve the balance between all the three frequencies and works fantastically well with multi-BA IEM making them sound in a greater unison harmony and coherence.” by Zelda


Supernova MKIII

“The Pure Copper Super Nova offers a more flat balanced overall signature, with a slight highlight in the treble region, with impressive improvements in terms of clarity and micro-detail.” by Zelda


Hybrid Reference

這條 Hybrid 四芯升級線為銅鍍銀 + 單晶銅混合而成,用上 WeaveTech 特殊編織方法,使訊號間的電磁干擾互相抵消,有效令背景更加寧靜。有著豐厚的低頻,下潛力深有飽滿感,是偏向厚聲底的線材。整體上三頻中最為突出的是中低頻,高頻延伸性較為一般,比較適合用來聽流行曲。這條線的插頭同樣見有 AK 標誌,一樣經過深層量子處理,毋須煲煉可直接聽用。

By Spill


Black Carbon


By Spill