Jumper Cable

Pandora Jumper

USB A to Lighting

- 8 wire

If you are seeking for the ultimate exhilarating listening experience, look no further. Designed and developed to cater for the widest range of music, there is almost no area where the Pandora does not perform well. 


Musical instruments are vividly separated to faithfully reproduce the sensations of a live performance. The soundstage is portrayed with lifelike three dimensionality, the singer simply appears to be singing in the centerstage.


From the softest whisper to the loudest crescendo, Pandora remains poised and composed. Be it EDM, vocal, classical or jazz, Pandora delivers all of the musical details, presenting the music as the producers intended. 


Labkable WeaveTech Structure:

  • Optimal cables weaving angle that gives great noise cancellation properties
  • Balanced cables tension to ensure each wire is not under stress while maintaining the optimal cable angle, thus giving the most natural sound
  • Reduced stethoscope effect, lower noise floor and dynamic sounding
  • Patent pending


Technical Specifications:

  • Combined the use of 2 main hybrid conductors groups
  • The first group consists of 4 individual wires of 99.9992% pure silver spiral core (certified by SGS) with gold plated 7N OCC copper in the outer spiral
  • The second group consists of 6 individual wires of 99.9992% pure silver spiral core (certified by SGS) with 7N OCC copper in the outer spiral
  • Labkable WeaveTech Structure weaving technique (Patent pending)
  • 60 hours of QBT v.3.1 cable run-in treatment before leaving the factory

Tri-frequency Feature

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