Jumper Cable

Samurai III Jumper

USB A to Lighting

-4 wire

Samurai III, in its third incarnation, has improved tremendously in terms of its low frequencies reproduction. With thicker clear PVC insulation, Samurai III retained the extended highs of the prior two generations, but comes with added authority in the lower frequency range.


With the use of platinum alloy conductors, the transient is fast and the details is vast. There is defintely ample of micro dynamics to boot. If there is only one gripe, the imaging sounds just slightly less substantial than the higher range brethren.


Technical Specifications:

  • 4 wires of high purity platinum alloy conductors
  • The first IEM cable to use platinum alloy (approximately 98.5% silver, 1% gold and 0.5% platinum)
  • The metallurgy elements of conductor has been certified by Laboratory Testing Inc. in the USA
  • 48 hours of QBT v.3.1 cable run-in treatment before leaving the factory



Tri-frequency Feature

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