Headphone Cable


Available Plugs: HD800 / HD700 / HD650 /K702 / K812 / Momentum / HIFIMAN / D7100 / HE1000 /LCD3 etc.

-99% Silver 1% Gold, Germany made, Silver Gold Conductors provide detail and purist sonic performance;

-Conductors with special surfacing treatment resulting close to zero dielectric absorption during signal transfer;

-All wire have been properly runin by our proprietary cable cooking equipment and users can enjoy the maximum performance;

-Hybrid design and WeaveTech Structure used to lower the magnetic field and vibration during signal transfer;

-Cardas Rhodium plated and Furutech Gold plated 6.3mm hifi grade plugs available;

-Mundorf Silver/Gold Solder is used and handcrafted to the highest standard by experienced mastercraftsman;

-Techflex Super Nylon used to provide a soft, light weighted and extremely tough material which lower capacitance and stethoscope effect, result in enhancing the overall musicality

Tri-frequency Feature

Headphone Cable Review

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