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Available Plugs: HD800 / HD700 / HD650 /K702 / K812 / Momentum / HIFIMAN / D7100 / HE1000 /LCD3 etc.

What is PC-Triple C?

PC-Triple C (Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction) By using traditional Japanese forging process, Copper is compressed and the transverse crystal grain boundary changes and becomes more longitudinal, crystal now have consecutive connections which makes current flow extremely smooth; In addition, the conductor density is dramatically improved by destroying the internal air grains. This in turn, improves the conductivity and the acoustic signature of the copper. (By Acoustic Revive-Craftsmanship from Japan)


Our PC-Triples C Headphone cables have the following specification:

1)   Latest Japanese Pure Copper Continuous Crystal Construction Technology, which provide more details with good reverb and micro dynamic atmosphere;

2)   Individual left and right channel sealing with very high purity copper sleeve, this opens the sound stage with 3D on stage performance; more focusing on different instruments;

3)   Each channel using 7 core ultra pure PC-Triple C to provide very high definition musical playback with balanced tone;

4)   German made Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold Solder is used and handcrafted to the highest standard by experienced master craftsman;

5)   HQT(Hyper Quantum Treatment)The Third Generation Quantum run in treatment, all our cables have been run in 24 hours before cable released through Telos newly developed 0-100khz ultra bandwidth quantum run in machine, so the conductors, joins, solder point, plugs are all fully run-in, which shorten the time for cable run in by users, users only need to play music for 30 hours in order to obtain the best performance of the cable;

6)   The conductors and copper sleeve are imported from Japan with high quality assurance and durability.


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